Bold thinking on the “grand challenges”
for peacebuilding & development

Welcome. I’m a management consultant with 20+ years experience across multilateral institutions and in highly fragile contexts.

My focus is on making peacebuilding & development institutions fit-for-future. This includes above all meeting the generational challenge of climate change.


I have helped dozens of global institutions evolve to meet emerging challenges, and take the critical first steps forward.

This includes global strategic reviews for the changing landscape of armed conflict; “stabilisation” in protracted and non-permissive crises; and partnering for the development-humanitarian-peacebuilding “triple nexus”.

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The Climate/Security Agendas Project explores how peacebuilding and conflict diplomacy are evolving for a climate-changed world.

The approach is to go beyond the policy headlines to explore the partnerships, resources and strategic foresight that are necessary for conflict prevention.

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One Step Forward is a dialogue project with senior practitioners.

In each episode we discuss the ethics and practice of public service in extreme environments; big-picture challenges over the course of a full career; and what keeps them moving forward.

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Applied thinking on system-level challenges for development & peacebuilding institutions.

This includes my 2015 monograph on multilateral stabilisation; short articles; and client work in the public domain.

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